Trial Sales

Program for

We’ve designed the program for foreign companies looking to expand their sales to Russia. We realize that Russia might be a new destination for you and you first want to organize trial sales of your product before investing into your own infra here. We also realize that you don’t want to dig into Russian import regulations just because you might be not aware of them. If that is the case, we’ve met at the right time, because you’re the kind of people we’re most instrumental for.

We’ve packed your challenges into a solution program with clear steps to start sales without in fact being present in Russia. We advise "freshmen" to stick to our complete program because that will give you a hint on how to expand sales here, keep your export operations compliant with Russian import regulation and let you address all your other unknowns to us. If you’re looking for specific business services, go ahead and browse our offer to pick up just what you need. We have great names on our customer list who still outsource from us after long time of being in Russia. 

Business Planning

We hope ExpaTek program helps and your product proves to be a success here. Then you need to think of how to keep that up. In that case you might consider a business plan for your further activities in Russia. ExpaTek will build a business plan based on the trial sales results. That makes sales, revenue and profit projections much more realistic. That also gives you a hint on the strategic choices: export vs. local presence and wholesalers vs. end users. We値l request multiple subcontractors and service providers to calculate costs. We値l make sure those are reliable companies and their prices are in the market. And we値l look for your benefits in Russian legislature and business incentive programs. We値l have discussions with you, digest the data and pull that together into a business plan with clear recommendations on how to proceed,  here is how we do that. We値l charge from $ 3 500 per business plan, that will be in English and ExpaTek is all set to implement its milestones, please see Business Maintenance for more info.