Trial Sales

Program for

We’ve designed the program for foreign companies looking to expand their sales to Russia. We realize that Russia might be a new destination for you and you first want to organize trial sales of your product before investing into your own infra here. We also realize that you don’t want to dig into Russian import regulations just because you might be not aware of them. If that is the case, we’ve met at the right time, because you’re the kind of people we’re most instrumental for.

We’ve packed your challenges into a solution program with clear steps to start sales without in fact being present in Russia. We advise "freshmen" to stick to our complete program because that will give you a hint on how to expand sales here, keep your export operations compliant with Russian import regulation and let you address all your other unknowns to us. If you’re looking for specific business services, go ahead and browse our offer to pick up just what you need. We have great names on our customer list who still outsource from us after long time of being in Russia. 


If you want to emphasize sales efforts, you will normally need advertising in Russian. Here are the milestones we believe are most helpful and cost effective at the entrance level:

1. Product Rendering

Your materials should sound Russian which is more than translation. Using the right references and language forms correspond to the local mentality, people consume your information easier and remember that longer. Preparing marketing materials that way is called product rendering. ExpaTek will translate your marketing materials and render them for further distribution in Russia, the service is available for materials in English only. Please note Russian laws require that most products are supplied with user guides and labels in Russian.

2. Ads Production

Being creative is better than being aggressive. We invent images, logos and slogans which will live in peopleТs minds. We use colors, texts, and humor which will attract, not irritate Russian consumers. That is based on the fundamental features of your product and peopleТs attitude here. After your approval ExpaTek will produce the media like labels, billboards, fliers, one pagers, web banners or whatever we together consider reasonable for your advertising efforts.

3. Ads Placement

Consumption modes are different in Russia than in the developed world. We have 2 generations with different mentalities and market skills. We also have 85 regions, 22 of them are national republics with a different cultural and values heritage. That means you have to wrap and steer your advertising efforts into the right channels. That implies using your group language, images and communication platforms. Let ExpaTek wrap and steer your advertising efforts into the right direction to keep them targeted.